The Slow Evolution of a Reluctant Triathlete

Carrying on from the previous post - I got bored. I don't normally get bored so easily but there's only so much you can take and it was a good, healthy distraction from the day job at the time.

Contrary to how it sounds in the first post, my 'journey' to my current sporting exploits didn't start with running. They took the correct order of swimming, cycling and then running.

I learnt to swim as a child, however, my front crawl was awful but my breast stroke was ok. Even during sixth form I still went swimming fairly regularly although not fast and not competitively - think slow lane and plodder and you are about there. All well and good.

Next came the bike. I had always had a bike of some form and as a teen, I used to nab my cousin's old roadie that she had for uni  and potter about. Phil had bought a pretty reasonable bike and I was slowly losing him to 'training' rides. If you cant beat them, join them - so I bought a cheap, entry level road bike and in February 2014, I became a cyclist.

You can see where this is going can't you?

Finally, came the running. I bit the bullet in April 2014 and ran my first 10k in the August at York.

By the time Phil did Skipton Triathlon (which recently flashed up on my Facebook page as a memory), I was already swimming, already cycling and already running. It just seemed like the obvious next step - rather than being bored watching - I might as well race too. Boredom you see. Again.  Thats what got me where I am!

Other women might have found a different hobby or walked away. For once, I followed the Mr and made a change for the better. Hot dates are sweaty runs or who can beast who in the pool and holidays are now 'Training camps' or some how linked to races. To all my friends I've met through triathlon and running, this is all completely standard, normal behaviour. To my non-triathlete/non-sporty friends, this is incomprehensible. I've given over explaining!

The thing is though, if you had told the 20 year old me, or even the 24 year old me that I'd be contemplating Ironman and Big Swims - she'd have actually been lost for words - a feat in itself! Just ask Phil.

And as for my former PE teachers - well - they'd probably faint from shock.


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