The Long Suffering Partner

So, I suppose, seeing as I don't have my own section on the 'About Me' page, I should really write my own here. In all honesty, when he decided to set this up - I did demand my own column - after all - who doesn't want to hear the other side of the story? Long suffering partners of people who 'turn sporty' way into a relationship deserve some recognition too don't they? I wonder just how many of these long suffering partners end up going along for the ride?

ANYWAY... a bit of background.

Like Phil, I was not a sporty child. I was the weighty, geeky one who would happily have missed every PE lesson to go hide in the library given the chance, well, with the exception of Badminton, which I was ace at, and a bit of Cross Country, which I was rubbish at but didn't mind as much and do not get me started on team sports! I lost a lot of the childish 'puppy weight' as I grew older and started walking a lot more, and swimming a very slow breast stroke, however when Phil and I started dating - too much snacking and lounging about in front of the TV started to show. Phil took action first and started running again. He wasn't wrong about the weight - go see his before and after pictures! I then got bored and fed up of seeing him lose weight and me - well, just staying the same (with a little added cushioning). After he did York Marathon and a whole bunch of 10ks for charity (PKD),  I decided I'd better get my act together and I started running. It feels like a confession - 'My name is Rachael. I first ran in April 2014.'. I ran my first 10k race in York that August and have been running every since with varying degrees of mojo.

It turns out that running was simply not enough though for Phil. He got roped into doing Skipton Sprint Triathlon and joining York Triathlon Club. This one triathlon turned in to eight in one season if I remember rightly. That first one was COLD, WET AND WINDY. It was horrendous but as dutiful girlfriend, I stood, watched, supported and cheered. You can guess what happened next can't you? Go on, have a guess?


That's right. I got bored.

So so bored.

I also started thinking - if he can do it, so can I...


My fella has A LOT to answer for.

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